January 21, 2019

Online Pokies NZ

Online Pokie NZ

Online Pokie NZIf you need a game that will offer a variety of gaming options, then the best choice is the online pokies NZ. This is because online slots and pokies are the most played online casinos worldwide plus they offer a variety of games. The first slot game was introduced in the 19th century and over the past years; new and more advanced slots have been invented. Some of the games that you can access at slots include the classic slots, video slots, multi-spin slots and also progressive slots just to name a few. Some of the benefits related to these games are the great bonuses you get to win, the variety of features that the games posses and also free spins at the jackpots. They stand out as well for the great feature which includes animations the sounds and the graphics on the sites. These games have extended to various states like Australia and New Zealand where they are referred to as online pokies. So online pokies and online slots are the same things.

The history of the online slots

Online Pokies NZ GameThe first slot game was invented by two people who created a game that has a total of five spinning drums and about 50 playing cards. The game also had players who aimed at spinning up a winning combination to build poker hand. Sittman and Pitt conducted this invention.
Later on, another person referred to as Charles Fey came up or instead produced the first slot machine that consisted of 3 drums and symbols. The liberty Bell grew over time whereby new and more devices were developed. The liberty bell symbols were replaced with the fruit symbols, and later their name changed to fruit machines.
The fruit machines were used for a long time until in 1963 where the electromechanical devices were developed. The tools consisted of sound effects, and they could also perform without anyone around to control them. Other automated features included the payout hopper where the players collected their money after a win. By 1970 the size of the hopper was increased, and the players had a chance of winning large amounts of money at once. The other development added was the random generator that was used to make sure that the games were played fair and square. The random generator number is still used to date. Then the next invention was in 1975 where the video slots were invented. The popularity of the video slots grew from the 1980s to date.
In the 1990s, the new and popular online casinos were developed. What makes the online casinos to stand out from the land casino is that they offer a wide variety of games that the players get the chance to select from. Also, in conjunction with the new technology, the players can access these games at any given time and anywhere. The gaming sites are regularly upgraded to provide more attractive options and more improved games.

Best online pokies jackpot

The online pokies consist of five reels fifteen play one classic. The pokies allow the player to play and win cash of up to millions of dollars. One of the slots that will enable the player to win big is the progressive jackpot.
One of the sites that are well known in New Zealand for having the best online pokies is the Aristocrat. They are the most significant pokies producing Company in Kiwi, and their pokie games are enjoyed all over the world. Some of these games include the Banana King, dollar bear, fa fa fa, Hill billions and also hit the heights.

How we test online casino real money NZ

Online Pokies NZ MoneyThe website works hard to review and come up with useful content about the different online casinos worldwide. The information can be obtained from our sites which are all over New Zealand. To make it easier for the players, the website focuses on evaluating the casinos in the market after that; they list down all the reliable and best online casino games that the players can enjoy. Therefore, you will only get the top rated games on our sites.
Apart from helping you find the best online games, we also provide you with guidelines on how to play pokies online and also how to Bet on various games. We also update the players with the best gaming site that are safe and convenient to bet with.


Which is the best online casino

Our site focuses on writing about the best casinos that are safe and secure for the players so every casino that you find on our website, rest assured that it will be helpful to you.

How to play for real money

You have to open an account first with a New Zealand bank and ensure that it is funded. This is easy since all you need to provide are your names and your addresses. Choose the payment method that you feel would be convenient for you. Also, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the gaming site before you start to bet. This is crucial especially if there are bonuses available for players to claim.

Visit the Land of Forgotten Land of Lemuria and Win Rewards

The Forgotten Land of LemuriaDo you know that most of the people are in habit of going to the casino or try to get in touch with the gambling world either through online or offline? The good thing which makes online pokies more popular is that you can access through it from anywhere and anytime and the only thing which you will have to do is to make the registration on its site and you can also take the reviews of the slot form phparena casino reviews.

Usually I prefer to get in touch with gambling through internet which helps me to pass my time in entertaining way and gives me the immense feel of joy. I went for the download of The Forgotten Land of Lemuria which I extracted from the list of suggestions which I got after making the search. I found its review more than expected and to make the earning more and more I also went through the tutorials.

The Forgotten Land of LemuriaOne thing which will help you in making the rewards more and more is to learn the basics and rules and regulations and off course the experience too which you will gain by playing again and again. It had been provided to the users by the efforts of microgaming which gives you the option of five reels and enormous number of ways of making the win which is 243.

Have you ever heard the name Lemuria, it was very much popular during 1800’s and many of the people were in search of finding the similarity between the animal and the lost land too. The value of the coins which you are going to wage through the line ranges from $0.01 to the max of $0.50. It will give you the chance of winning by the use of special symbol which is the peering eye symbol and the other one is the symbol of air, water, lands which is also categorized as wild and scatter symbols.

Watch the video for more.

Inca Gold – Win Exciting Prizes with Inca Gold Slot Machine

It was my school days when I used to be a fan of Clive Cussler the novel writer. I was a student in Massachusetts and was alone so I had to work in clubs extra ours to get my college fees. Life was regular all the days were going by same until this guy named Russell came to me for a ginger ale and martini mix up fire shot. Making him the shot I was observing him a proper fibre suit with tie and white shirt. He was undoubtedly a gentleman and rich from his looks. He drank almost 8 shots of that fire lighter and then became high.

After when he became high he asked me if he looked rich I was like yes sir you do. He said want to know my little secret and I was like for sure sir. Then he told me about his life he belonged to a lower class family and has not even studied that much after his high school he became a mechanic in the garage next to his house. He worked 4 years in that garage and felt like shit in there until a guy came who was rich and came there to repair of his Mercedes. The guy was playing game in his phone when he asked for it what was he doing, he got an answer that changed his life. It was an online casino game named Inca gold that has five reels and lines of slot. You have to make the combination out of those slots and same symbols mean jackpot.

The guy started playing that game afterwards and became millionaire in some months. After hearing all this I too had a thought of playing this supercool pokey and I open online slot In my phone had bet a high and whether it was my luck or my ambitions I did not lost a single penny that night and made my whole year college fees in just one night. I was so much impressed that I still used to remember that day and now i generally take the reviews of online casino games from phparena casino reviews website. I now own a disc and gaming clubs which reminds me of my older days.

visit the Inca Gold casino review video.

Feel the Unlimited Fun of Immortal Romance Pokie Machine

 Immortal Romance Pokie MachineI was up in the middle of a night disturbed by phone, I saw the watch it was 3 a.m. and I wasn’t sure who can call me in that ungodly hours. I reached the phone and answer it. I heard some male voices in background and a frightened girl’s voice which was enough to pump up my Adrenaline in the night. This girl I had recognized her by the voice. I heard church bell in the background so I called my friend Rascolnikov at that time just to say friend once you said you owe me now it’s the payback time for that.

He was a friend with connection all over in Canada. I asked him to trace the call and was up all night. I listened to the best music I had at that time. In the morning I went to his place and then he showed me where the call came from it was an area where not much people can be found after the war that area was evacuated from peoples because of the radiation caused by nuclear and bio weapons. I had managed a team of 6 peoples before stepping into that area because I knew it would be hard for me to get there alone and rescue that girl.

Immortal RomanceI had a sight of the church and I had and intuition that they might be here somewhere. i went there and shot 3 guys in the head and rescued the girl. On our way back to home the girl was playing something in his phone. When I asked for that she showed me a very interesting game that was named immortal romance. This game has 5 reels, 25 fixed bet lines from which you have to make the winning combination. The graphics and sound was designed for having an unforgettable experience. I started playing that game after that and had a pure fun. I still use to remember that day how it started and end up with me playing the pokey in my phone and now while playing casino game I generally takes the review from phparena online casino reviews sites.

Take the Reviews of Top 5 Australian Online Casino and Play it with Real Money to Take the Advantage of Best Payouts

Australian Online CasinoI am a captain crook. The person who never backs off from his sayings and always play by rules. I am a captain of a space ship made by government to discover the further planets where life can be found. There is a trip I still remember which was the longest trip I ever had of 3 years. We went to a planet named mark 155 S, the planet had signs of water and everything that can sustain a life form a little much amount of nitrogen was the only problem there. When we reached the planet a member of our crew name Dennis who was software engineer of our crew landed on the surface with me. We set out all of our equipment there and made the equations just to know about the possibility there.

Online casinoIn my space suit I was listen to the rock band named Foo Foo fighters and the lyrics of that song still makes me crazy. Dennis was a good chess player his, magical tricks and death defeating tricks always made him win. The guy was an asset. When we were done with everything there we heard a sudden blast in there. The guy warned me about the tornado springs and volcanic eruptions there but I ignored him. Then I saw something that I never dreamt of, there was a volcano some miles ahead was erupting with fumes made us difficult to see anything and we took out 2 capsules and lie in that, I had my phone which had a game installed by my friend named Houdini. This was a best android casino app i had ever played with real money in my phone, one of the most interesting thing about this app is that it is most appreciated game in most reviews of online gambling websites and one website had been tagged it in the list of top 5 online casino which you can find here and also on phparena casino reviewing website. This was a multi-line game with lines of slots with 25 pay lines some additional features of this game made it real cool like its graphics and other interactions this made me play it and I forgot all the fear that I had at that time. I kept that game playing for almost 27 continuous hours without a nap.

Win Welcome Jackpots with Jackpot Express Casino

Have you heard about the jackpot express slot machine? It is very famous game designed by the microgaming, and it is three reels with no payline machine. When I was in Nevada last year there I played this one with my close friend. They gives free spins for the new gamers, if you play online then you have to register on it. Then you will get your account and some free credits or spins for playing with it. If you finish it then you can also buy more via paypal or credit card.

Once I hit the jackpot I was very happy, with that money I did party with my friends. In this pokie there is trains which loaded with treasure that why it called jackpot express. It is very easy and simple machine and easy to learn. You will get many symbols which are the wild and scatter one and the simple thing which you will have to do is make the hitting of the symbols in the active slots of the reels. There are many symbols which are used in this one and some they are machine bars, symbols of 7 and image of train and many more.

So in the end I would suggest you to play this one by yourself and win huge amount. You can bet of 5 coins per game. And all other depends on the luck too. so never play over limit and I hope these info would help you to win big. After everything got normal and under control we ping our comrades to get us out of that planet. That game was the only thing that kept me out of fear at the most crushing time that I ever had.

To know more about the Jackpot Express Casino see the video.